The Selection

Having in mind commercial productions of large scale i have put my first priority in yield. So i selected the most productive and massive species for both indoor and outdoor cultivation that gave the best yield. Out of these i selected the most potent ones, as quality was the second factor they had to fulfil. Many strains didn’t make it because when quantity increases, usually quality decreases. I kept only those who were both massive and potent. From the resulting species i chose the quickest ones, as time was the third most important factor. In a professional grow setup time is money so only the quickest strains have passed. I have been left with more than 200 species, so i chose the 101 best of them according to; their growing strength and patterns, their abilities on a number of environmental factors like temperature fluctuations, nutrient uptake, humidity issues and several others, their resistant to pests and mildew, their thc and cbd content, their height and a number of other factors. This is how i made my Top 100 of all times. In this book i present them alphabetically because i want to be fair with all of them. It comes to a point where they are all important and valuable, so i let the reader to select those that fit to his needs. After all they are the winners among thousands of species i searched. When i first started this project there were only a few more than 3000 cannabis strains. Nowadays there are over 12700 cannabis species all around the world.

The same goes for seed companies that grew exponentially during the last two decades. I selected species from the most famous, trustworthy and stable seed companies only. I know there are new breeders and seed companies that i have not put in the book and who are doing a great job out there, but i wanted to include only strains that have proven their value through time; those that i have seen their progress throughout those years. This includes their lifetime span on the market, how popular they were at the coffeshops in Holland and how long they stayed on their menus. Of course i personally tested them myself to make sure for all these on my frequent visits to Amsterdam. I was sampling them and by using a smoke test enquiry i kept score of 25 different characteristics (including visible trichomes, bud density, smoke ability and expansion, potency, duration, effect onset, tolerance, aroma, taste, type of high and others) as well as 14 different psychological and physical factors (including audio perception, visual perception, taste perception, imagination and creativity, sex drive, speech process, thought process, ability to rest or sit still,  anxiety relief, appetite, etc). This is how i selected the 101 best varieties of cannabis strains until now. It is my pleasure to share those magnificent plants that make up the best of the cannabis world, with you.