About this book

Even nowadays, breeders and seed companies are concentrating on marketing issues and advertisement so most times they fail to provide a complete profile of the plant they created. This is the reason why 90% of the information they provide is summed in four sections; about the history of the strain, their personal opinion, the way they bred it, plus some fancy description which is indefinite. I want to state at that point that all the above information really matters to me and i always find it useful and read it, but it does not matter for most people who either want to grow it or use it. The history of a strain is a personal experience that the breeder wants to share with the people, a very kind move, but not something of great importance for growers or users. The personal opinion of the breeder, say for example about the effects a species provides or how quickly it grows, might not reflect reality as it is. There is always an exaggeration caused by the fact that he actually sells it. Even if he is honest, it is his opinion only, not necessarily everyone would agree with it. The way a strain was bred interests only people who are also breeders, not the majority of the users or growers. Finally the fancy descriptions that are indefinite provide with little information and further frustrate the reader. If you dismiss those four sections, you will be left with a few lines of really worthy information. It is like searching for gold on a river and after hours you finally find a small piece of rock and while throw away the rest until you make a worthy pile. This is what i did; added many small bits of valuable information from anywhere i could, to complete the puzzle of a strain. I did that to have a clear picture of those plants and their traits, how they grow or what are the effects they provide, the taste, aroma, medicinal properties and potency, yield and time, height and phenotypes they produce. Essentially all the info someone would like to know about a strain, as i did.

Therefore i gathered all the data i found, made a list, filled in all the blanks on a spreadsheet, categorized all info and then justified them from testimonies of people who have grown it. I have compared all the information the seed companies give with that of grow forums, tested results from laboratories, sites with cannabis strain databases, magazines, web blocks, strain reviews, grow reviews, on books, online and any other media exists. When i had it all down i started to justify each and every one of them. It took me many years to complete the puzzle of the identity of each strain i had come cross with. It was then when i had the idea of selecting the best of them. I believe that as human beings we always search for the best, it is in our nature and is the driving force of our evolution. This is why i made my list of the best cannabis strains in the world. It was a race for the BIGGER-STRONGER-FASTER species ever.