As human beings we are a curious species. We always search, taste, think and get inspired by the things we are most attracted. In our lives we want to have the most experiences we can and we always seek for knowledge. It is this journey we make that expands our wisdom and defines us as individuals. Throughout this journey we gather information and categorize it, evaluate and add it to our knowledge in order to complete the puzzle of life, ourselves and the world around us. This is what we all do regardless of where we live and our culture. We constantly gain experience and knowledge whatever we do, and when we share it with others we contribute to the general good and the society we live in.

This is the reason I published this book. I wanted to share my knowledge and personal experience i had throughout those years, with the world. The time i chose for this is not coincidental. Since my childhood cannabis was illegal and a taboo in the society i lived in. It is only a few weeks now, that the new legislation for growing medical cannabis in my country has been voted, so I decided to come out and share the results of the knowledge I gained.

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